Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hovercar Movie

Disney is considering a 3D movie adaptation of Hovercar, the sci-fi novel by Australian author Matthew Reilly. The story, as the title suggests, is about Hover Car Racing, a sport developed in the early 21st century. The fictional technology of hover cars relies on the magnetic field of the Earth, counter-balancing it to create an ultra-fast, new type of transport. The film has been touted as "TRON meets Harry Potter".

Here's what a hovercar looks like:
(Click on the picture to enlarge.)
Hovercar Movie in 3DPlot:
"Hovercar is set in a near future where hover car racing is the most popular sport in the world. Then a young car pilot is charged with escorting a government informant – and winds up involved in a series of breakneck adventures."

Scriptwriter Blaise Hemingway has been hired to pend a screenplay.

If the first Hovercar movie is successful, there's no doubt Disney they will build a franchise.

More details about the movie Hovercar soon!